Exclusive Access Coming Soon – Fairmined 100 Challenge Conversations

I get to talk to a lot of people. People I admire, people who have inspired me, people who have been in our industry for their whole career and people who forged businesses in other industries and are bringing their expertise to the diamond, gemstone and jewelry industry later in life.

Each person I interact with teaches me something. Ok, sometimes they teach me what not to do 🙂 But more often, they teach me the lessons they have learned from their failures and successes.

I am grateful for the access I have to these individuals, access that not everyone has. And it occurred to me and my team that we can share this experience, these learnings, and a bit of joy if I’m honest, by using the platform we’ve been building with our videos to capture these conversations and deliver them to you!

We’re going to kick this off by interviewing my fellow judges of the Fairmined 100 Challenge.

Now, I knew about Fairmined Gold. But this year at the Inhorgenta show in Munich, I learned from Connie Havel of Fairmined the nitty gritty of how the small but mighty team at Fairmined go about educating, empowering, supporting and bringing artisanal miners together to mine more safely and in a way that protects them and the environment. I didn’t know the depth of the challenge nor the details of what Fairmined does to address it until that conversation.

So, now, we are going to bring that conversation, and others like it, to you.

So watch this space.

And write back to me with the burning questions you want answered. Who would you like to learn from or learn more about? I’m taking requests 🙂

For now, you can head on over to our YouTube channel and check out what we’ve done so far. There are short videos, seminar recordings, talks and insights from me and other Hill & Co. team members that can inspire you with actionable ideas to put to work on your business immediately.

Let me know what you think!

Be well,



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