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21 Nov 2022

Branding: Your Secret Weapon to Drive Growth

Branding is a tool that declutters, clarifies, defines, and creates and holds attention and rapport. But how? It starts with building humanity into your brand, defining the assets to amplify that ‘humanity’ and consistently showing up in a trustworthy, honest way. What does that mean to your business? People buy from people. They are loyal […]
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14 Nov 2022

Tips to Communicate Your Commitment to Sustainability Without “Greenwashing”

  If you wonder whether clients are asking for more sustainable products, wonder no longer. It’s no longer a debate. And businesses that respond to this demand by sharing authentically their journey to a more sustainable future will reap the rewards in growth. Luxury consumers ASSUME the brands they purchase are adhering to the highest […]
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28 Oct 2022

A Holiday Gift Guide is a Must!

Christmas is less than 8 weeks away. Are you ready? A Holiday Gift Guide is a MUST! When I managed a bricks-and-mortar and then an e-commerce jewelry store, my secret weapon during the holiday season was ALWAYS creating a gift guide for my customers. And no matter when you start, it’s not too late, so […]
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