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21 Jul 2022

The Conversation Has Changed

The conversation has changed. This is important. I want to share with you what I learned during my month in the USA in Las Vegas, New York City, and at Harvard Business School’s GIA Global Leadership Course. In 2020 the world needed to learn how to conduct business inside of a digital footprint. You needed […]
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07 Jul 2022

Exclusive Access Coming Soon – Fairmined 100 Challenge Conversations

I get to talk to a lot of people. People I admire, people who have inspired me, people who have been in our industry for their whole career and people who forged businesses in other industries and are bringing their expertise to the diamond, gemstone and jewelry industry later in life. Each person I interact […]
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08 Jun 2022

How to Turn Your Data Into Dollars

 Are you making the most of the information you may not know you have? I know that may sound a little convoluted, but go with me on this for a minute… A lot of information about your current and potential customers is arriving every day that you may not even realise is there. Information […]
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