How to Turn Your Data Into Dollars

Are you making the most of the information you may not know you have?

I know that may sound a little convoluted, but go with me on this for a minute…

A lot of information about your current and potential customers is arriving every day that you may not even realise is there.

Information that can inform your business decisions and be used to drive your business growth.

Where does this data come from?

  • Your website: which pages are people landing on and lingering on? Where are they clicking through to next? Which products get the most views?
  • Your social media channels: which posts are having the most impact? Which messages work best on which channels? Do posts with pictures have more likes?
  • Your sales reports: what’s selling well now? What’s not? How does that relate to what you’re promoting in your advertising and on your online channels?
  • Your customer service chat/email/phone calls: what are people calling you about? What’s important to them right now? What are people asking your sales advisors about?

This information is invaluable because it’s telling you what your audience, your customers, and your potential customers are actually responding to, where they’re looking, and what they’re interested in.

It’s also telling you where you need to focus your attention.

If you see a certain product is selling so well it goes out of stock, you can decide to stock more so you don’t lose sales.

If you’re getting a lot of click-throughs on your website and your social channels to a specific product, how about making that the hero on your website? And making it more prominent in your store displays?

The information you already have and can drill into is worth its weight in gold. Don’t be afraid to use it!

Many leave analytics to the digital marketing and development teams. Don’t make this mistake.

Go over your data, and the analysis of your data, with your team at regular intervals. If you don’t have a team, go look yourself… this information is valuable insight into how you can better serve your customers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Be well,



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