High-End Custom Designer

After several years of success in establishing a one-of-a-kind design shop for affluent clientele, growth had fallen stagnant and business challenges began to accumulate. Inquiries came in through several points of contact, especially from the website, but rarely led to actual appointments and sales. Hill & Co. were invited to evaluate the issue, where it quickly became clear that there was no system to follow in receiving the inquiries, following up, and making appointments.

Would-be clients were left feeling unimportant and went elsewhere. We developed a complete customer relations management system, dovetailing all points of contact, ensuring each inquiry felt valued. Appointments were set, jewelry was commissioned, work was completed, and the system defined how to continue to nurture relationships so that customers would become long-term clients.

Success in conquering this most pressing problem encouraged the designer to ask Hill & Co. to see where else the business might be improved. We evaluated merchandise, financial records, stockkeeping systems, sales tracking, and more. Reclassifying the sales into more accurate categories allowed the designer to allocate the proper amount of attention, and assets, to those categories that would lead to higher sales, increased profits, and more satisfied customers. Accounting confusion was eliminated, further ensuring that assets would not be misspent.

Once customer satisfaction and operations/financial issues were in order, we were asked to review staff hiring, training and performance. We developed a personnel handbook, standardized performance evaluations, established attendance guidelines, and created a training program. The company’s hiring and record-keeping process was brought in line with current government regulations, ensuring that no fines or actions would befall the ownership. Members of the team were encouraged to become more professional, morale improved, and the bottom line was further increased.

At the end of this project, our commitment to this designer was well fulfilled. His company was given the tools needed to allow him to grow comfortably, energetically, and with his team fully invested in the future.