Bricks-and-Mortar Retailer

Many of our retailer clients have been large global entities with $500M to billions in annual revenue.

This despite having launched and run a successful, award-winning independent single shop.  However, once we met this powerhouse of an individual, we knew there was so much untapped potential, just waiting to be relaunched.  The owner was second-generation at a family store.  The founder decided to retire, and rather than simply pass on the reins, insisted on selling the business.  So our soon-to-be client decided to take the challenge, invest all her own funds, and purchased the business outright.  So different from the stories we often hear of one generation simply passing on the next, which often leads to a distillation of drive and eventual failure.  Not so in this case.  The new owner, an amazing woman, grew her rejuvenated shop into a multi-million-dollar jewelry destination.

However, without enough resources to manage all the demands of running a store, she was unable to tap into all the potential.  That’s where Hill & Co. was able to step in and assist in turning up the heat.  Our business strategy team assessed the low-hanging fruit to be had by harnessing technology.  With minimal investments in updated web and digital marketing, and streamlining and retraining on bricks-and-mortar operations, their increase in revenue was UP over 30% in 2020 – this during the pandemic!  And, lest one suppose that was a fluke, already in the current year, sales continue to grow at 30% or more.    

Hill & Co. has taken these same strategies to assist other retailers as well.  Could you use a reboot to see your sales explode, too?