B2B Mining and Gemstone Producer

When you are a very small start-up, and you have a great – no, AMAZING – product with a fantastic story… how do you succeed if no one knows you exist?

No one knows your story. No one has seen your product. Your focus til now has been to create that amazing product, that fantastic story. You have almost no funding to pay for marketing. How do you let the world know you are there, and they should want you?

Their story caught our attention. Their passion, and the purity of their product and sourcing, made it easy to bring it to the rest of the world. We began by teaching their talented team how to create a great website. Next, we added more digital marketing, concentrating on the user experience, adding content, a newsletter, and an overarching marketing strategy. We helped them learn to document their responsible sourcing, adding value to the unique product. We taught them pricing and valuation. The story spread, the passion ignited a spark of interest, which exploded into a fire of demand across the jewelry industry and beyond. Next up will be to acquire funding so they can increase production. The list of potential buyers continues to grow faster than they can supply. Wouldn’t you like to have the same problem? Speak with us. Hill & Co. can light a fire for your company, too.