03 Feb 2023

Work Smarter, Not Harder

By Amy M. Curran, Business Operations Lead With this blog, we’re continuing our theme of helping to make this coming year your best yet. Today’s message is, “Work Smarter, Not Harder.” You are not alone if you have become overwhelmed by the myriad challenges of running a jewelry, gemstone or diamond business during these “interesting” […]

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25 Jan 2023

How to Increase the Lifetime Value of Your Existing Customers

There are three basic ways to increase your revenue: Sell to more people Sell more expensive things Sell more things to your current customers B2B business owners – diamond wholesalers, jewelry manufacturers, technology providers – listen up! This applies to you EVEN MORE than it does to jewelry retailers, even though I focused on them […]

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09 Jan 2023

Set YOUR Course for the New Year

By Andrea Lucille Pooler, Business Management Lead   My personal ritual in welcoming the New Year includes taking time to mentally pause, look back at my journey over the past twelve months, and assess my successes and the efforts that were not so successful. I come from a sailing family. This past summer, I spent […]

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21 Nov 2022

Branding: Your Secret Weapon to Drive Growth

Branding is a tool that declutters, clarifies, defines, and creates and holds attention and rapport. But how? It starts with building humanity into your brand, defining the assets to amplify that ‘humanity’ and consistently showing up in a trustworthy, honest way. What does that mean to your business? People buy from people. They are loyal […]

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14 Nov 2022

Tips to Communicate Your Commitment to Sustainability Without “Greenwashing”

  If you wonder whether clients are asking for more sustainable products, wonder no longer. It’s no longer a debate. And businesses that respond to this demand by sharing authentically their journey to a more sustainable future will reap the rewards in growth. Luxury consumers ASSUME the brands they purchase are adhering to the highest […]

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28 Oct 2022

A Holiday Gift Guide is a Must!

Christmas is less than 8 weeks away. Are you ready? A Holiday Gift Guide is a MUST! When I managed a bricks-and-mortar and then an e-commerce jewelry store, my secret weapon during the holiday season was ALWAYS creating a gift guide for my customers. And no matter when you start, it’s not too late, so […]

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14 Oct 2022

Bridge the Gaps to Achieve Success

  Do you feel frustrated when your leadership method doesn’t work for the whole team? Your team members certainly will. How do you solve this problem? For the majority of businesses, these days the teams we lead are diverse in age, gender and values. This is the ‘new normal’ for most industries; the way you […]

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28 Sep 2022

Top 3 Challenges When Choosing an Inventory Management System

Without an inventory management system, a jewelry, diamond or gemstone business will struggle to run the business efficiently and profitably. The top dilemma a business faces when choosing the best system software is the identification and evaluation of the many options. When researching software, be sure to consider: Matching the functionality of the software with […]

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13 Sep 2022

The market changes like the tides, don’t let your business run on autopilot

To reach your goals for Q4 2022, and beyond, you need to approach this season differently. And perhaps even differently than what you planned just three months ago. Allow me to flesh this out: As business leaders, we set goals. A common goal is to increase revenue. This breaks down into the core three ways […]

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07 Sep 2022

Your Businesses First Impression

A few weeks ago, CEO of Signet, Gina Drosos, shared, “80% of the company’s sales take place inside its physical stores, 65% of customers visit at least one of the company’s ‘digital sites’ during their shopping journey.” This aligns with a range I’ve oft quoted from more than a dozen sources, that 60% to 80% […]

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18 Aug 2022

How does a consultancy help you grow your business?

Is your business stuck? Figuring out where & how to pivot? Not sure what to do first, or what strategy is? Or how to do it? You could seek help from business strategists, consultants, or experts before you start adding personnel costs to your fixed costs. But, how do you know what kind of help […]

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21 Jul 2022

The Conversation Has Changed

The conversation has changed. This is important. I want to share with you what I learned during my month in the USA in Las Vegas, New York City, and at Harvard Business School’s GIA Global Leadership Course. In 2020 the world needed to learn how to conduct business inside of a digital footprint. You needed […]

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